Why US? Why Now?

Have you noticed, the events across the nation and across the world are descending toward chaos and confusion? Whether it's the economy or the nation's moral fiber or our confidence in world leaders, the bright lights of hope for the future are dimming. Generational cultures are in conflict in ways not seen before. Disheartened? Uneasy? Sad, even depressed? You are not alone.

Statistics from every segment of society tell us family structure is unraveling. Divorces continue to soar, births without fathers present and other single family crises are becoming more the norm than the exception.

So, no, it's not just you. Families are struggling everywhere. Only a few will be able to take advantage of a whole-family intensive therapy to set them on a healthy course for the future.

Will there ever be a perfect time? No. However, if you need to upgrade your family relations, now is likely the best time. So, you can drift down stream toward the rapids of increased family chaos or you can seize the day and seek help. This opportunity will not just fall into place, it must be planned and designed around your current life. The notion that the life of struggle as you are now experiencing it will no longer exist, must be sounding a note of hope. Ask yourself and your family: when and where will my family find a moment of grace without taking advantage of this distinct proven program?

Why you and why now? Here is one additional thought to consider. There is a possibility you are exploring this upgrade to your family's relational health and happiness because it's an assignment from God. Seriously. For all the sacrifices involved, the Lord may be presenting this therapeutic help emphasizing Him as your family's opportunity to grow.